About Us

Slitasjeteknikk AS has 35 years experience in solving wear problems. We have achieved very good results both nationally and internationally.

Please feel free to contact us to work out a cost-effective solution to your wear and tear problem, based on the use of our abrasive material Terochrome or in combination with other materials.

We make mechanical drawings and produce wear parts and large construction assembly in our workshop. We have an unique machine park tailored for efficient production of wear and tear parts.

In our CNC-controlled welding machine, Terochrome wear material can also be welded directly on components.

We have heavy-duty grinders that make us able to machinegrind the coating to very fine toleranses.

We have an hydraulic press and very powerful rollingequipment which makes ut able to deliver the Terochrome material shaped like pipes, cones and transitions from square to round.

Do you have wear problems, contact us and we have with great probability the solution in our archive.

Slitasjeteknikk AS produce the unique abrasive material Terochrome.

The material is consists of a steel-plate/stainless-steel/acid-resistant steel-plate, with a thick chromiumcarbide coating.
Terochrome has extreme durability and unique features.            Based on this material we produce a variety of durable products Among other things;
Wear plates for chutes and hoppers, wear resistant tubes and tube-bends, charging tubes for Ferro alloy furnaces, liners for vabration feeders, mixer paddles and liners, fan impellers, sliding gas-seal for pellet plants, watercooled fine grinding mill housing, wear resistant cyclones, screw classifiers, wear parts for rolling mill factory, etc.
               Our products are mainly used in these industries;                  Asphalt and road, concrete industry, cement factories, fish farming, mining, plastic factories, pellet industry, ferrosilisium plants, paper industry, steel producers, gas
We also offer the material machinegrinded and delivers F. eg.  Screedplates, sliding rails and moving gas seals, bends.
The Chromiumcarbide-alloy is produced directly from metallurgical powder in a CNC-controlled process. To achieve the best product possible, we adapt the alloy to the local wear conditions.